(CD) Hanni El Khatib - Flight

Release Date: 051520
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In the life of any interesting artist, there is the perpetual war between the simplicity of public perception and the complexities of reality. Consider Hanni El Khatib, a definitive purveyor of visceral, blues-wracked, punk-spiked, soul-warped, knife fight rock n’ roll over the last decade. You may be familiar with him through any one of his four acclaimed solo albums on Innovative Leisure, his work with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, or as one of the rare polymaths able to artfully blend serrated guitars and hardcore rap on collaborations with GZA and Freddie Gibbs. And while these are all real things that could accurately yield a sketch of the multi-dimensional Los Angeles-based artist, they amount to little more than a black and white pencil sketch. 



A1 Carry  
A2 Glassy  
A3 Alive  
A4 Colors  
A5 Stressy  
A6 Room  
B1 Leader  
B2 Gem  
B3 Harlow  
B4 Dumb  
B5 How  
B6 Detroit  
B7 Peace
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