(CD) Horsegirl - Versions Of Modern Performance

Release Date: 060322
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June 3 street date. Horsegirl are best friends. You don't have to talk to the indie rock trio for more than five minutes to feel the warmth and strength of their bond, which crackles through every second of their debut full-length, "Versions of Modern Performance".

Penelope Lowenstein (guitar, vocals), Nora Cheng (guitar, vocals), and Gigi Reece (drums) do everything collectively, from song writing to trading vocal duties and swapping instruments, to sound and visual art design. "Versions of Modern Performance" was recorded with John Agnello (Kurt Vile, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr.) at Electrical Audio, and across the record Horsegirl expertly play with texture, shape and shade, showcasing their fondness for improvisation and experimentation.

One can hear elements of the 1980s and 90s independent music the band love so deeply and sincerely - the scuzzy melodicism of what used to be called "college rock", the cool, bubbly space-age sheen of the 90s vamps on lounge and noir; the warm, noisy roar of shoegaze; the economical hooks and rhythms of post-punk. But as Horsegirl fuse all of this together it feels not like a pastiche or a hacky retread, but something as playful and unique as its predecessors.


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