(CD) Joe Strummer - Assembly

Release Date: 032621
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Highlights from the Clash legend Joe Strummer’s solo career will be the focus of a new collection titled Assembly, out March 26th via Dark Horse Records.

The compilation also includes singles and fan favorites from Strummer’s solo LPs as well as his work with the Mescaleros, including “Coma Girl,” Johnny Appleseed,” a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song,” and “Love Kills” from the Sid and Nancy soundtrack.

The 16-track collection will also feature a trio of unreleased performances: Renditions of the Clash’s “I Fought the Law” and “Rudie Can’t Fail” that Strummer performed live at London’s Brixton Academy on November 24th, 2001, as well as Strummer’s acoustic take on Sandinista!’s “Junco Partner.”

Assembly, will be available as a gatefold two-LP black vinyl, or red vinyl, and CD, also features new liner notes penned by longtime Strummer fan Jakob Dylan!


Coma Girl
Johnny Appleseed
I Fought the Law (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *
Tony Adams
Love Kills
Get Down Moses
X-Ray Style
Mondo Bongo
Rudie Can’t Fail (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *
At the Border, Guy
Long Shadow
Forbidden City
Yalla Yalla
Redemption Song
Junco Partner (Acoustic) *


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