(CD) John Coltrane - Evenings At the Village Gate (with Eric Dolphy)

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John Coltrane - "Evenings At The Village Gate: John Coltrane With Eric Dolphy" - In August of 1961, the John Coltrane Quintet played an engagement at the legendary Village Gate in Greenwich Village, New York. Ninety minutes of never-before-heard music from this group were recently discovered at the New York Public Library. In addition to some well-known Coltrane material ("Impressions"), there is a breathtaking feature for Dolphy's bass clarinet on "When Lights Are Low" and the only known non-studio recording of Coltrane's composition "Africa", from the Africa/Brass album.



1. My Favorite Things [Live]
2. When Lights Are Low [Live]
3. Impressions [Live]
4. Greensleeves [Live]
5. Africa [Live]
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