(CD) Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers Spencer Gets It Lit

Release Date: 052022
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The incredible, indelible Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, Pussy Galore, Heavy Trash, etc) is back with the incendiary HIT makers-and with his hottest record yet!? Spencer Gets It Lit is classic Jon Spencer taken to the extreme-electro-boogie, constructivist art pop, and a psychedelic swamp of industrial sleaze and futurist elegance. It is an epic master work of freak beat from the world's weirdest garage. Across brain-boggling layers of fury, fuzz guitar, and a crash-bang battery of phaser blasts, photon torpedoes, and otherworldly zounds, he frantically spits, croons, rhapsodizes, and seduces.

Spencer Gets It Lit is his most complex and groovy record in years, a dark, danceable odyssey-both a studied take-down of the early 21st century, and a celebration of the place where electricity meets the mind. Thirteen wicked hot songs of love, loss, lust, life-from the Farfisa-fueled, warped psycho-punk rave-up of "Junk Man," to the intimate lover's plea of "My Hit Parade," to the outer-space, end-of-days country funk of "Worm Town," Spencer Gets It Lit delivers all of the friction, excitement, and post-modern depravity one could ever ask for! Says Spencer, "Send out the Hit Signal! This is the most uncompromising album I've ever made!"



1. Junk Man
2. Get It Right Now
3. Death Ray
4. The Worst Facts
5. Primary Baby
6. Worm Town
7. Bruise
8. Layabout Trap
9. Push Comes to Shove
10. My Hit Parade
11. Rotting Money
12. Strike 3
13. Get Up ; Do It
14. Germ Vs. Jerk (CD Only)
15. The Devil's Ice Age (CD Only)
| Timothy Hawkins 27-11-2023 18:53

Jon Spencer’s music has always had an edge to it; whether the tongue in cheek sex romp of Pussy Galore/Boos Hog, the Blues Explosion that fell through the cracks of blues and punkabilly and then the darker version of rockabilly with Heavy Trash, Spencer has been driven by staying away from pop as he embraced his movers & shakers’ heroes.
The second release of Spencer’s latest band, the Hit Makers, boldly steps beyond anything he’s done before with experimental noise that highlights the future of romp & roller rock.
Jon Spencer believes in trash because it has more substance than disposable candy coated pop. He continues to be animated in his approach both on record and live. The beauty of his art that has stayed off kilter from fame has allowed his humble approach to be genuine.
Spencer Gets Lit is Jon simply being comfortable with his schlock of black humor, sarcastic piss taking wit and good fun. An acquired taste for sure but if you go along with the Jon Spencer ride no matter the band its worth IT!! GET LIT!!

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