(CD) Julia Jacklin - Pre Pleasure

Release Date: 082622
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August 26 street date. "Pre Pleasure", the beautiful new full-length album from Australian native Julia Jacklin, finds the musician at her absolute peak, delivering ten of the most personal, raw, and devastating songs of her career. Featuring standouts such as "Lydia Wears A Cross", "Love, Try Not To Let Go", nd the driving "I Was Neon", the album is a clear portrayal of Jacklin's captivating strength as a lyricist, and her undeniable talents as one of the most gifted songwriters of the decade.



1. Lydia Wears a Cross
2. Love, Try Not to Let Go
3. Ignore Tenderness
4. I Was Neon
5. Too in Love to Die
6. Less of a Stranger
7. Moviegoer
8. Magic
9. Be Careful with Yourself
10. End of a Friendship
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