(CD) Ken Boothe - Essential Artist Collection (2CD)

Release Date: 032423
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Arguably the most gifted Jamaican performer of his generation, Ken Boothe is today widely regarded as a living legend, having recorded innumerable ska, rock steady and reggae classics over a period spanning some 60 years. After making his recording debut in 1962, Ken enjoyed a hugely successful career in Jamaica before achieving international stardom in 1974 with his chart-topping interpretation of ‘Everything I Own’ and the top 10 follow-up, ‘Crying Over You’.

Both of these hugely popular tracks feature on this collection, which forms part of Trojan Record’s new ‘Essential Artist’ series, which showcases the best-loved recordings of some of Jamaica’s greatest musical talents.

Available as a 28-track double vinyl LP and a comprehensive 50-track 2CD compilation, both releases demonstrate the exceptional vocal talents of one of the finest and most soulful performers to have made their mark on modern popular music scene since the Sixties. 


CD 1:
1. Everything I Own
2. Silver Words
3. Out of Love (aka I'm the One That Love Forgot)
4. I Wish It Could Be Peaceful Again
5. (You're) Leaving Me
6. Artibella
7. Walk Away from Love (7" Mix)
8. Lady with the Starlight
9. My Love
10. Why Baby Why
11. I Don't Want to See You Cry
12. Give to Me
13. Have I Sinned
14. Keep My Love from Fading
15. Is It Because I'm Black?
16. Freedom Street
17. Ain't No Sunshine
18. Live Good
19. Cherie Baby (aka Sherry) - Ken Boothe & The Messengers
20. Can't Fight Me Down
21. Let Go
22. Your Feeling and Mine
23. Crowded City - Ken Boothe & The Messengers
24. You're No Good
25. Let's Get It On

CD 2:
1. Crying Over You
2. It's Gonna Take a Miracle
3. Black, Gold & Green
4. Who Gets Your Love
5. Say You
6. (That's the Way) Nature Planned It
7. Now I Know
8. Whole World's Down On Me - Ken Boothe & B.B. Seaton
9. I'm Not for Sale
10. Moving Away
11. Missing You
12. Drums of Freedom
13. Now You Can See Me Again
14. Why
15. Look What You've Done to Me
16. Get Close to You
17. Second Chance
18. Left with a Broken Heart
19. Freedom Day (aka Freedom Time)
20. Love and Unity
21. Somewhere
22. Rasta Never Fails - Ken Boothe & Lloyd Charmers
23. Satta Massagana
24. Got to Get Away (7" Mix)
25. Love Don't Love Nobody

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