(CD) Kevin Morby - Sundowner

Release Date: 101620
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October 16 street date. "In the winter of 2017 I moved back to my hometown of Kansas City from Los Angeles. The move was sudden and unforeseen, just as I was tying a bow on the writing process for what would become my 2019 album, "Oh My God". I bought a Four Track Tascam model 424 off of an old friend to help me get to the finish line, but much to my surprise and excitement, this new piece of equipment in my all-but-bare home didn't help complete one album but rather inspire another: "Sundowner". The new collection of songs came quickly and effortlessly as I did my best not to resist or refine the songs, but instead let them take shape all on their own. As the songs kept coming I cleared out the crowded shed that was sitting dormant in my backyard and built a makeshift studio before adding drums, lead guitar and piano to complete the demos. "Sundowner" sat inside of a hard drive and did not see the light of day, until I found myself, as did the rest of the world, stuck inside their home and in quarantine in March 2020. "Sundowner" is my attempt to put the Middle American twilight - its beauty profound, though not always immediate - into sound" - Kevin Morby, Kansas, 2020.



Valley 4:05
Brother, Sister 4:39
Sundowner 5:10
Campfire 5:21
Wander 1:56
Don't Underestimate Midwest American Sun 5:23
A Night At The Little Los Angeles 7:10
Jamie 4:08
Velvet Highway 3:21
Provisions 5:35
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