(CD) Lee "Scratch" Perry - King Scratch (Musical Masterpiece From The Upsetter Ark-Ive)

Release Date: 082622
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Arguably the greatest Jamaican record producer of all time, Lee "Scratch" Perry was instrumental in transforming the island's national sound throughout the sixties and seventies with his unique approach to music making, pushing the music beyond previously perceived boundaries.

To mark the first anniversary of his passing, the very best of his work is showcased across a number of products, all of which effectively demonstrate why Perry was a widely venerated figure for so long.

This collection focuses upon the legendary music maker's best-known productions from the sixties and seventies, performed by some of the giants of Jamaican music, with both extensive notes on the man whose talent and imagination took reggae to new heights of excellence.



  1. Raindrops - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
  2. Za-Ion - Dennis Bovell & The 4th Street Orchestra
  3. Blood Ah Go Run - Dennis Bovell as Dennis Matumbi
  4. Choose Me - Dennis Bovell as African Stone
  5. Row, Row, Row - Dennis Bovell & The 4th St Orchestra
  6. Brain Damage - Dennis Bovell
  7. Chief Inspector - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
  8. Dub Master - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
  9. Silly Dub - Dennis Bovell
  10. Oh Mama Oh Papa - Dennis Bovell
  11. Pickin' Up the Pieces - Dennis Bovell & The Dub Band
  12. Caught You in a Lie - Dennis Bovell
  13. Silly Games - Janet Kay
  14. A Little Way Different - Errol Dunkley
  15. Differentah - Julio "Dreadful" Finn
  16. Get Up Stand Up - I Roy
  17. Our Tune - Marie Pierre
  18. Tom Hark - Captain Morgan & His Merry Men
  19. African Queen - Errol Campbell
  20. Africa Is Our Land - Joshua Moses
  21. Take Five - The Young Lions
  22. Hooked on You - Delroy Wilson
  23. Guide Us, Jah - Johnny Clarke
  24. Can't Go Through (With Life) [Dancehall Version] - Marie Pierre
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