(CD) Lydia Loveless - Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way Again

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Release Date: 092223
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September 22 street date. "Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way Again" continues the evolution of Lydia Loveless: a fiercely brave writer who bluntly assesses their life in song.

Loveless' trademark candidness and razor-sharp wit remain as they lay bare the raw pain of struggles with alcohol and depression, a breakup with a longtime boyfriend, and uncertainty about the future. And while she holds onto a vintage-country heart and a heartland-rock soul, this album also presents something new and matured, with a sound that stretches to include echoes of "Rumours" and "Tusk"-era Fleetwood Mac. Loveless has always been a brutally honest songwriter, one whose articulation of love, heartbreak, and bad habits is wrapped not only in catchy melodies but also her finesse with words. "Nothing's Gonna Stand In My Way Again" is a bold declaration from a person who has survived a lot. Here they lay out not only their pain and vulnerability, but also the strength and resiliency they've earned along the way, that only Loveless could hold.

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