(CD) Paint - Spiritual Vegas (allah-las)

Release Date: 071020
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Having first made his mark as a songwriter and guitarist for Los Angeles' Allah-Las, Pedrum Siadatian has etched out a place of his own with his solo work as PAINT. What started as modest 4-track experiments quickly took on a life of their own as Pedrum began distilling his musical and lyrical inspirations into something both timeless and new. His miniature menagerie of light-psych and proto-punk gems had outgrown their cassette cage and were now ready to be heard. This year sees PAINT returning with the release of the ambitious "Spiritual Vegas". While Ray Davies-smirks and Kevin Ayers-wit abound, Siadatian's singular touch is unmistakable. Here we find an emboldened artist coloring outside the lines, unleashing an opus both idiosyncratic and focused - cohesion through diversity.



Intro (Phor Phaedra)  
Strange World  
Grape St.  
Flying Fox  
Ta Fardah  
Why Not, Tick Tock?  
Meet Me (In St. Lucia)  
Land Man  
Tongue Tied  
Ballad of Adelaide  
Well Of Memory/ODAAT  
Outro (The Lines I Drew)
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