(CD) Soak - If I Never Know You Like This Again

Release Date: 052022
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May 20 street date. With their new album, "If I Never Know You Like This Again", SOAK has finally shaken the hangover of their starry debut "Before We Forgot How To Dream", and the pressures that came with it, hiding in the wings of their ambitious follow up album, "Grim Town". Showing from a young age an intensely artistic awareness of the poetry of memory, Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK, would incessantly photograph and video everything, documenting and organising the material so it was always there for them to revisit. Now, at 25, SOAK's third album "If I Never Know You Like This Again'" is naturally made up of what Bridie intimately calls "song-memories". Throughout the album SOAK pushes and pulls at melodies, but never milks their brilliance. Bridie masterfully glides their vocal melody slightly off-kilter above excitable compressed high hats and flourishing guitar lines. With the new direction of a grungier, more lo-fi production the swooning guitars are given a contemporary pop-edge. There's a constant pulsating beat at the album's centre, propelling it towards a kind of dewy happiness, like the end credits of a 1990s coming-of-age film.



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