(CS) a question of when - when it happens to you (Orange Cassette)

Release Date: 120823
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a question of when - when it happens to you
December 8th, 2023 release date, on limited edition orange vinyl, cd, and orange cassette. vinyl and cd include digital download.
originating in toronto, a question of when is a largely anonymous multi-media artistic collaboration between members of previously-established musical acts.
a question of when was awarded funding from the ontario arts council to produce its debut full-length lp, when it happens to you — before having even been publicly announced by its members.
righteously engineered, mixed, and mastered by women and recorded on 2-inch analog tape, when it happens to you presents a question of when‘s "films for the ears" on a 5-song journey through the 5 stages of grieving. while also tackling challenging subjects such as identity, suicide, substance use, and intergenerational trauma, when it happens to you spans the emotional spectrum from beautiful, tender, and empowering to violent, abrasive, and terrifying, all with a compassionate and critical voice that personalizes the political.
1. The Valley of The Dead
2. La Violencia
3. faultlines
4. An Elegy of Sorts (Written From a Porch)
5. (the permanence of impermanence)
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