(LP) Dooms Children - Self Titled (2LP) (Alexisonfire)

Release Date: 061722
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Dooms Children finds MacNeil on a different artistic path both in style and content with an honest and sincere offering that shines light on recent life experiences and revelations. “This is the most personal music I have ever released,” says MacNeil. “Dooms Children is about falling out of love, about addiction and lying awake at night wondering if you’ve made all the wrong choices.” - Wade MacNeil



1   Trip With Me 4:56
2   Flower Moon 5:43
3   Psyche Hospital Blues 3:11
4   Skeleton Beach 4:19
5   Mornignstar 4:43
6   Lotus Eater 6:54
7   Heavy Year 3:52
8   Chinatown Glow 5:29
9   Spring Equinox 6:00
10   Friend Of The Devil 5:08
11   Stardust Lullaby 4:34
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