(LP) Kittie - Spit (180g-metallic silver vinyl) 2023 Reissue

Release Date: 060923
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June 9 street date. Limited 180g metallic silver vinyl reissue of the debut album from London, Ontario's Kittie.

Originally released in 1999, "Spit" has been reassessed as one of the best works within the nu metal genre, and its success has been considered important regarding the representation of women in heavy metal. It remains Kittie's best-selling album, having sold almost 1,000,000 copies in the United States alone. Limited to 500 copies.


1. Spit
 2. Charlotte
 3. Suck
 4. Do You Think I'm a Whore
 5. Brackish
 6. Jonny
 7. Trippin'
 8. Raven
 9. Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)
 10. Choke
 11. Paperdoll
 12. Immortal


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