(LP) Lola Young - This Wasn't Meant For You Anyway (Indie Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl)

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June 21st, 2024. Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl

This Wasn’t Meant For You Anyway marks a remarkable shift in Lola’s sound as an artist. Recorded in LA and produced by friend and collaborator Solomonophic (Remi Wolf, BROCKHAMPTON, Dominic Fike), This Wasn’t Meant For You Anyway is a multi-faceted, fearless concept. As irresistible as it is unexpected, Lola’s album is crackling with kinetic energy and lyrically fuelled by rage, passion, narrative flair and comedy derision.

A contemporary break-up album, This Wasn’t Meant For You Anyway encapsulates the sound of what it means to be young and in constant romantic chaos. With exciting plans up Lola’s sleeve, her upcoming record will undoubtedly add to her musical trajectory.

“Here is my first-born child, a fuck you to all my exes, and basically me just trying to figure out some shit openly and honestly on record. First of many and if you don't like it, then this wasn't meant for you anyway.” - Lola Young.



1. good books
2. wish you were dead
3. big brown eyes
4. conceited
5. messy
6. walk on by
7. you noticed
8. crush
9. fuck
10. intrusive thoughts
11. outro

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