(LP) MF Doom - Live from Planet X

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Experience the exceedingly rare genius of an MF DOOM live performance with these exclusive "straight from the soundboard" audio recordings. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location, this limited-edition vinyl pressing of "Live From Planet X" offers fans a chance to own the most comprehensive glance into Doom’s lengthy career available. "Live From Planet X" includes over 50 minutes of live recordings spanning Operation Doomsday, Madvillain, MM...Food?, and more.



A1 Intro 1:09
A2 Change The Beat 3:04
A3 Name Dropping 1:42
A4 Dead Bent 2:22
A5 Go With The Drawls 0:58
A6 Gas Flows 2:41
A7 Operation: Doomsday 3:22
A8 Hey! 3:22
B1 Accordion 1:50
B2 Great Day 3:47
B3 Rhymes Like Dimes 2:50
B4 I Hear Voices 2:04
B5 My Favorite Ladies 2:06
B6 One Beer 3:33
B7 Fine Print 3:51
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