(LP) Miles Davis & Michel Legrand - Dingo: Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Red Vinyl)

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Release Date: 011422
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''Dingo: Selections From The Motion Picture Soundtrack'' features a soundtrack composed by Jazz legends Miles Davis and Michel LeGrand. It also features one of Miles Davis’ final filmed performances. This 30th Anniversary Edition of the soundtrack will be the first pressing since its original release in 1991. It will be pressed on red vinyl.



Kimberley Trumpet 2:15
The Arrival 2:05
Concert On The Runway 3:50
The Departure 1:05
Dingo Howl 0:08
Letter As Hero 1:22
Trumpet Cleaning 3:56
The Dream 3:45
Paris Walking I 1:58
Paris Walking II 3:17
Kimberley Trumpet In Paris 2:05
The Music Room 2:50
Club Entrance 4:12
The Jam Session 6:00
Going Home 2:05
Surprise! 4:52
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