(LP) Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (2LP/yellow)

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Oneohtrix Point Never returns with a new self-titled album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, out on October 30th 2020. It is the fourth full-length for Warp Records and follows his last, Age Of (2018). The eponymous title is taken from Lopatin's original Oneohtrix Point Never moniker - a misheard play on the Boston soft-rock radio station Magic 106.7. Musically, the album takes in all elements of OPN's output of the last 13 years, from the deconstructed New Age plunderphonics of Replica and R Plus Seven, to the alt rock and chamber pop songwriting of Garden Of Delete and Age Of and the symphonic, cinematic nature of the scores for Uncut Gems, Good Time and his production work for other artists; making self-titling the record both a reference to his roots while entrenched in the present. Lopatin has long been engaged with radio as a mode of aleatory listening.



Cross Talk I  
Auto & Allo  
Long Road Home  
Cross Talk II  
I Don't Love Me Anymore  
Bow Ecco  
The Whether Channel  
No Nightmares  
Cross Talk III  
Tales From The Trash Stratum  
Answering Machine  
Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys  
Lost But Never Alone  
Wave Idea  
Nothing's Special
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