(LP) Remi Wolf - Big Ideas

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Release Date: 071224
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July 12th, 2024. Standard Black Vinyl

After two long years living in a constant state of touring and transition, Remi Wolf returns with her most grounded and self-realized LP yet. Inspired by and struggling with how transient her life had become, Big Ideas is the combination of those complexities into a slick, ambitious new record that further solidifies her as one of the most exciting pop artists in a generation.



1. Cinderella

2. Soup 
3. Motorcycle 
4. Toro

5. Alone in Miami 
6. Cherries & Cream 
7. Kangaroo 
8. Pitiful 
9. Wave 

10. When I Thought Of You
11. Frog Rock 
12. Just the Start 
13. Slay Bitch 

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