(LP) Sick Of It All - Last Act Of Defiance (2020 Reissue)

Release Date: 112020
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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. The Last Act of Defiance is the eleventh album by hardcore veterans Sick of It All, originally released in 2014. Riding the momentum of their astonishing two prior LPs, Sick of It All return to sear audiences with a raw, fierce record reflecting our current cultural climate.



Sound The Alarm 1:48
2061 2:19
Road Less Traveled 2:29
Get Bronx 2:13
Part Of History 1:41
Losing War 2:26
Never Back Down 2:07
Facing The Abyss 2:25
Act Your Rage 1:27
Disconnect Your Flesh 2:30
Beltway Getaway 1:58
Sidelined 2:35
Outgunned 2:07
DNC 2:44
Additional Tracks
Stand Down 2:16
With All Disrespect 2:31
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