(LP) Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (Blue Vinyl)

Release Date: 082622
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Originally released in August, 2019, “We Are Not Your Kind” is now available as a 2LP, light blue colored vinyl release.  Guitarist Jim Root noted, “This is most time we’ve had to write a record, and work stuff out together.  One of my inspirations this time around was those artists that recorded full length albums - not just songs.  While the industry is moving toward singles, Slipknot wanted to make an album experience, front to back.”



    Insert Coin  
    Birth Of The Cruel  
    Death Because Of Death  
    Nero Forte  
    Critical Darling  
    A Liar's Funeral  
    Red Flag  
    What's Next  
    My Pain  
    Not Long For This World  
    Solway Firth
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