(LP) Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson In Crime/Smith EP (Indie: Limited edition fire colour vinyl)

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Paper Bag Records will be releasing Tokyo Police Club's A Lesson In Crime/Smith EP on a very limited edition "Fire" vinyl March 22, 2024. 

High-energy indie-rock outfit Tokyo Police Club burst onto the scene in 2005 and have gone on to release four albums and grace countless stages around the planet. Back in 2006, Toronto's Paper Bag Records released their debut EP to critical acclaim. The Paper Bag Vintage edition of A Lesson In Crime includes the band's follow-up Smith EP (2007) - two releases that would set the foundation for one of Canada's most notable musical exports.

“Unlike a lot of music from that period and scene, A Lesson In Crime still sounds remarkably fresh and exciting; it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t take off the same way today” - Vice


Side A: A Lesson In Crime
1. Cheer It On
2. Nature Of The Experiment
3. Citizens Of Tomorrow
4. Shoulders & Arms
5. If It Works
6. Be Good
7. La Ferrassie

Side B: Smith
8. Box
9. Cut Cut Paste
10. A Lesson In Crime
11. Be Good (RAC Remix)

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