(CD) H.C. McEntire - Every Acre

Release Date: 012723
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January 27 street date. If naming is a form of claiming, of being claimed, how is one tethered to both the physical landscape that surrounds us, as well as our own internal emotional landscape - at times calm, at times turbulent, and ever changing?

H.C. McEntire's new album "Every Acre" grapples with those themes - themes that encompass grief, loss, and links to land and loved ones. And naming - claiming land, claiming self, being claimed by ancestry and heritage - permeates the hauntingly beautiful landscape that is this poignant collection of songs. Gracious (and graceful) with its lilting melodies and lush harmonies, "Every Acre" explores the acres of our physical and emotional homes. These songs are reaching for the kind of home that we all seek: one where we can rest and lay down (or tuck away) our burdens of loss. And maybe, moving through every acre of a world that often tries to tear our sense of identity and heritage down, McEntire sheds light on what it is to be human in this life - both stingy and gracious, both hurtful and kind.



1. New View
2. Shadows (feat. S.G. Goodman)
3. Turpentine (feat. Amy Ray)
4. Dovetail
5. Rows of Clover
6. Big Love
7. Soft Crook
8. Wild for the King
9. Gospel of a Certain Kind
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