(LP) Adrianne Lenker - Bright Future (indie shop edition)

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March 22 street date. Pressed on limited edition indie coloured vinyl

Adrianne Lenker presents "Bright Future", her sophomore follow-up to 2020's "Songs And Instrumentals".

In the lineage of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Lenker stands alone today as a generational songwriter, both solo and as a member of Big Thief. A special musician, her reliable talent captured on "Bright Future" is in stunning, magnetic clarity. Co-produced by Philip Weinrobe, alongside contributions from Nick Hakim, Mat Davidson, and Josefin Runsteen, the album's 12 tracks were recorded from exploratory sessions with little expectations, all while being captured on ½-inch 8-track tape. In the company of parlour instruments, Lenker's modern melodic and lyrical inventions create new traditions. Her vocal flights at times outwit gravity, then land, guiding along an earthly path. The wholeness of the un-spliced recordings preserves a time of musical friendship during a golden season. Although they recorded for only a limited time, in Adrianne's recollection, "it felt like we were together forever".

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