(CD) David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise (2021 Remaster)

Release Date: 080522
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The release of Black Tie White Noise signaled David Bowie's return to life as a solo performer after releasing three albums with Tin Machine. Reuniting with Let's Dance producer Nile Rodgers, Black Tie White Noise found Bowie putting together a more esoteric kind of dance-rock record. The recording of this album featured the participation of his former Ziggy Stardust guitarist, Mick Ronson.



    The Wedding 5:04
    You've Been Around 4:45
    I Feel Free 4:52
    Black Tie White Noise 4:30
    Jump They Say 4:22
    Nite Flights 4:30
    Pallas Athena 4:40
    Miracle Goodnight 4:14
    Don't Let Me Down & Down 4:55
    Looking For Lester 5:36
    I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday 4:14
    The Wedding Song 4:29
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