(CD) David Bowie - Hours (2021 Remaster)

Release Date: 080522
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After releasing the techno industrial, Trent Reznor-influenced Earthling in 1997, David Bowie came back down to Earth on Hours. And although this album has an ambient feel and contains its share of loops and programming, it is organic overall. 'Hours' manages to be cutting edge and personal at the same time. "Thursday's Child," a commercial-sounding single, uses strings and synthesizers to create an atmospheric feel. Credible solo performer Holly Palmer lends her strong voice to the track. "Something in the Air" features the restrained yet effective guitar talents of Reeves Gabrels, who has previously worked with Bowie on his solo material and in Tin Machine. "Survive" is a beautiful tune that features both Mellotron and an acoustic intro and ending. The subdued feel of Hours shows a classic rocker who is at ease and introspective. Not one to rest on his laurels, David Bowie continues to put out vital material.



    Thursday's Child 5:24
    Something In The Air 5:46
    Survive 4:11
    If I'm Dreaming My Life 7:04
    Seven 4:04
    What's Really Happening? 4:10
    The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell 4:40
    New Angels Of Promise 4:35
    Brilliant Adventure 1:54
    The Dreamers 5:14


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