(CD) David Bowie - Earthling (2021 Remaster)

Release Date: 080522
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Earthling is the twentieth studio album by David Bowie released in February 1997 via Virgin Records, later reissued on BMG Records. This was the first album Bowie self-produced since his 1974 album Diamond Dogs. Bowie's 1970s experiments in dance music, art-rock and other space-age pop forms helped lay the groundwork for modern styles like ambient and techno and here he comes full circle picking styles and ideas from those he heavily influenced.



    Little Wonder 6:02
    Looking For Satellites 5:21
    Battle For Britain 4:48
    Seven Years In Tibet 6:22
    Dead Man Walking 6:50
    Telling Lies 4:49
    The Last Thing You Should Do 4:57
    I'm Afraid Of Americans 5:00
    Law (Earthlings On Fire) 4:48


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