(CD) Neil Young - Citizen Kane Jr. Blues 1974 (Live At The Bottom Line)

Release Date: 050622
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Famously, Neil played a surprise set at The Bottom Line in New York after a Ry Cooder show. The only known recording of the show was made on a cassette by and audience member and the 11-song solo set from May 16th 1974 is now being released for the first time on 1 LP and 1 CD, plus digital. Previously unreleased. (Vinyl release scheduled for: June 3rd 2022)

From Neil’s liner note on the album:
[Ry] was great…I had a bunch of new songs and was itching to play them… I took my guitar with me to the club and I played a guest set after Ry played. I had just recorded the album On the Beach in LA about a month before and had a bunch of new and even newer songs to play. This is the only recording of that night, recorded from a tabletop in the club on a cassette recorder. We took some of the extraneous noise out of the recording but in order to preserve all the music and vibe, we left quite a bit in. What you hear on this recording is what happened that night.

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