(LP) Donovan Woods - Things Were Never Good If They're Not Good Now (Indie Exclusive Lime Green Vinyl)

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Release Date: 071224
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Scheduled for July 12th 2024. Indie exclusive on limited edition Lime Green coloured vinyl!

+ Handwritten note from DW - Personal photos - Alternate cover image - signed insert and numbered "It took me a while to make this record - my whole adult life essentially.
Early last year, I was struggling to find things to sing about, or reasons to sing at all. A series of failures led me to a point where I entered an addiction counseling program and committed myself to getting to the bottom of myself, right down to the stuff I kept from everyone. It’s been a process. Since then, I’ve held myself to a high standard of total honesty always. I shaved my head. I changed my mind about a lot of things. It turns out the truth really does set you free. Eventually, new songs started to reappear. These are those songs. I suppose it’s a sort of farewell to the guy I was pretending to be. I’ve struggled in the past with the character I inhabit in many of my songs. I seem wise, magnanimous, chivalrous. I was trying to will myself into a person I might love and respect.
While I’ve always aimed for rigorous honesty in my songwriting, this time I got to push off from the actual bottom of myself. I won’t be cheesy and say I feel like this is my first album, but it certainly feels like a new start. I hope you find the songs useful."
1. Rosemary
2. 116 West Main, Durham, NC
3. Trompsingel (Another Life)
4. It's Been Like That For A While
5. Living Well
6. Well Read
7. Back For The Funeral
8. Don't Talk to Her at Night
9. I'm Just Trying To Get Home (feat. William Prince)
10. When Our Friends Come Over (feat. Madi Diaz)
11. All Raked Flat
12. I'm Around (Bonus Track)
13. How Good (Bonus Track)
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